Monday, April 22, 2013

emerging from the thread and yarn mines


the photo is not a response to this read , it's real life in all its messy glory. however i've found that straightening such mesess is very gratifying and satisfactory, not to  mention  the frugality factor. as an in between projects adagietto  it  helps me focus on the next project. ok, ok, i agree there are other ways to achieve that, but having the feeling of conquest is empowering.

jute warp
with a dose of determination i
 salvaged some of the  messed up warp, enough for  some samples for artwork.
yes,fun work after all the utilitarian weaves .
planning on  lampas. after seeing some hispano-muslim weaves in a madrid museum want to try a very fine jute  warp in a very close set.

top stitch

i have been sewing too, going crazy topstitching.
the pants are vogue pattern 8499 in buff colored linen.
the linen was white and at that time i was on the hefty side.not wanting to look like a refrigerator i 
toned them with tannin.
the pattern runs huge and i've also dropped one size since making the muslin.
can you hear the sound of the ripper from where you are? 

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous7:09 PM

    oh, ouch! that first photo is painful to look at.


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