Wednesday, April 24, 2013

delightfully low tech


remember those days avant computers and textile programs when weaving was full of graph paper, pencils and erasers? i'm back there.

the puncher, the pin which reads the small hole in the card and lowers the actual puncher which punches the hole.i took photos to show how it works because i am aware that for a beginner it is hard to envision.
puncher    pattern2
                                                 the actual puncher                                   see the pattern emerging?                                              

most explanations ignore the fact that beginners do not have previous knowledge so they take for granted some kind of previous knowledge. this becomes especially harder when you are a beginner in self study hour (^_^)

the system is another very forgiving binary wonder. the puncher fails to punch a hole if the pin is not in the tiny hole. however it does not have a mechanism to avoid punching one too many. for that there is masking tape !
the knitting  machine  actually doesn't care if you make mistakes and cover them up with masking tape. for the machine does not read blanks, just holes

 two pieces of advice:
  • mark the bottom with down arrows, so you know which way to insert the card.
  • wear an elastic wristband to protect your wrists from repetitive stress injuries.there are many holes to be punched.

the card in action 

                                   tuck stitch               slip stitch                     improvise!                            
as i was learning the mechanics this is not my design.  as it always happens most of the admired cleverness, once you start prowling the net you discover it out there. here's some proof of it; go the left hand side panel and look for  standard card sets. all the wisdom of machinedom there.

i'm warming up to the possibility of using  weaving drafts to punch cards. but i need to punch more cards and get a better understanding of how they work with the machine. i bet you can feel the excitement from where you are!

neki desu
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  1. Are we having fun! Not so VERY low tech.

  2. Quit that! You're making me want to pull my old knitting machines out of the attic and try to get them working again. Bad Neki! I have way too many other things to do already. Very cool swatches though.

  3. Ouch! I have a knitting machine that I haven't used in so long I've forgotten how!

    1. marg,
      there's a marg coe in my machine knitting list that i could have sworn it was you.


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