Thursday, March 14, 2013

spoiled beyond repair

garter bar

the warp is behaving so incredibly well that i can get used to that, especially after the last warp from hell. the added problem with warps from hell is that they take so long to weave i get bored. 3 meters of fabric woven at a pace of a couple of centimeters per session and just to think of it i'm already bored.this new baby progresses at a very nice pace.

spoiler nº 2. my garter bar.i adore it.
look how easy it is to crochet the edging,  beats having 12 fingers i can tell you that.
i am sampling  a linen yarn on the knitting machine  a very apt excuse to get practice.

using punch cards nº 5 in a skip stitch,sample1


nº 2 in a tuck stitch 


 nº 16 in a lace pattern

all with my brother kh 890.
too bad brother stopped production because they are good sturdy numbers.if you happen to see a second hand one in good condition grab it without second thoughts.

and there's no 3 without 4. have been trying to get rid of those awful share icons in my photoblog.
blogger dynamic views incorporate them and they are a pain to delete. yesterday i found the only tutorial that worked for me. if you are using a dynamic view template go here .
you're welcome ;-)

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous6:23 PM

    --really don't understand what you're talking about but I love the lace stitch and the tuck stitch is pretty cool, too!

  2. I'm almost tempted to get a knitting machine. Seems like a quick way to use up lots of yarn that would take forever on the loom. I've got stuff in the stash closet that would be perfect on a km...

  3. cara sto facendo una prova per vedere se riesco a commentare usando 'pulse'

  4. Yes, Orbweaver has been signing the praises of Brother machines on Ravelry. They are not as common on the second hand market as Singer machines!


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