Wednesday, March 13, 2013



fumata turchese....
the weaving is going beautifully, as expected from the known behavior of organzine. side tracking to make a b'day card for a friend. she saved the mesh from a bouquet and gave it to me saying that i would find use for it. indeed. it's going back to her as a card.  needle felted merino serves as  background to the distressed mesh and a bit of sequin waste.some hand stitching, maybe some machine embroidery. 
hadn't stitched since summer when i was working on the lodz piece.
 it is still halfway, but it's proving to be soothing.stressed out people should be given stitching therapy.

outside is raining the proverbial cats and dogs.

neki desu
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  1. These colours are so beautiful together. I was at an Indian music recital yesterday and the lady singing was wearing a sari that was like dupioni but not really. It was purple at one angle and magenta at another but then the diagonal seemed to be blue and green and it was almost exactly like the colour palatte you have up there (except with like a pistacchio green in there). Very beautiful and I immediately thought of you and reminded myself to ask you how that's done. Like not just different coloured weft and warp (?) but other colours on the diagonal. It also had the usual gold embossed embroidery over the top but just.. wow. Tried to take pics but we only had iphones and it wouldn't photograph well..

  2. love the colours, what a thoughtful card. we have a few cats and dogs coming down here, too


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