Tuesday, January 29, 2013

south of machester across the channel

loom model

 at the height of the textile revolution, barcelona  was producing so many meters of cloth that it was dubbed the manchester of the south. neighborhoods were built around textile factories as self supporting communities where workers went to work  home and play without leaving the long shade of the factory.
all that is gone. even the beautiful industrial architecture, not to mention the production.  very little of that textile heritage has  found its way in the collective consciousness, hence textile means bed linens and tablecloths at its best.
for me it is always good news when i find someone who knows and cares.
the small model was found in an old fashioned underwear store.  salvador badia canales  has painstakingly reproduced a scale model of a semi automatic loom of early xx century and the store has it on display. 

neki desu
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  1. How exciting it was for you to find this and be able to share your enthusiasm with Salvador.


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