Monday, January 28, 2013

playing bill bailey's wife

i'll do the cooking honey, i'll pay the rent......

cajoling an architect into believing that drafting a clothes pattern is the same as drafting a house plan.

the image i wanted him to draft,
never mind the sulking  model

fell in love with it and thought this fabric would  work well. actually, it's  a take on a kosode, don't you think?

i finally got husband san to draft the schematic pattern. he still doesn't see it and keeps wondering how i'll get the back. gave him the shoulder measurement  and what i think i need to do now is scale that to my measurements re shaping it. the kamikaze seamstress strikes again.
sewing people ideas most welcome! 

weaving the ai-kakishibu yardage progressing happily

neki desu
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  1. wow voglio proprio vedere cosa farai.


interaction appreciated!


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