Monday, December 03, 2012

judeo christian moral


part of plan A   half
 plan a: designing and making set up          finishing threading

embroidery threads  knit
         nettle pages waiting to be stitched                         machine knitting wants

fun, and  pleasure.

always thought that after retiring i could do whatever i wanted because i was free of constraining and learn.
and christmas is 3 weeks away.....
ps: the weekend food drive for the foodbank in barcelona yielded 1400 tons.

neki desu
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  1. Yes...but what you do IS play in it's own way. I hope. I know what you mean though...because I have a few unfinished projects...simply because I don't want to do the binding.

    And BIG congrats on the food bank collecting SO much! Wow.

  2. indeed... I thought that after retirement I would rush into the studio and be there all the time ...!

  3. onesmallstitch9:24 PM

    oh yes, retirement is an illusion, and I'm not getting better with practice.

  4. cripes, what a dilemma. when you solve it, well, don't tell me. i might have to behave far better than i do!


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