Wednesday, December 05, 2012

getting ready

Marimekko and bamboos

for this awesome 4 day weekend. nothing like catholic countries and their 1,000 virgins and 2,000 saints.
to make this textile related the tablecloth is marimekko  hulivili pattern by kristina isola, 1994.
how do i know that? marimekko prints the information on their selvedges.
ristina, by the way is  the daughter  of maija isola the famous textile designer.
and of selvedges now, rant ahead. i'm having a hard time renewing my subscription to the mag. their pay system is to say the least  is not very people friendly and the e-mails sent to them  are not answered.sigh! 
ps. around 150 threads and i'm done threading. 
today, believe it or not i'm devoting the whole day to setting up the hanging and preparing for shipping plan A. i will disclose as soon as i ship it, don't want to test the devil.

neki desu
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  1. Hope you get your magazine subscription worked out and that your weekend is fabulous!

  2. selvedge is horrible to try to work with and so is hand eye, where it seems it's all about making money off poor indigenous folks and not paying first world artists. arrgh! sigh, i miss the old fiberarts.


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