Wednesday, July 04, 2012

on my way to the fourth


three toiles later each one slightly improved from the previous and i still do not get what i want.
i want a scoop neck bodice to attach to this skirt and make a dress from this fabric.
drafting the bodice  pattern block was relatively easy, especially after getting my patternmaster ruler.
if you want to draft your patterns do yourself a big favor and get one.
ambition  always blinds me and attaching the bodice to fit the skirt, especially when it has side panels is more than a challenge to my present skills.
perseverance, perseverance. hoping to get it before summer ends. after all it is a summer dress.

happy 4th to ya'll in the u.s.!

neki desu
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  1. You're almost there. Perseverance will be rewarded. I think that's a great fabric choice, btw. It looks like it will have enough body to do what it needs to. Are you going to underline it?

  2. Io ho fiducia che ce la farai. Certo è che l'impresa è assai complessa.

  3. I like the fabric Neki, I have every faith that you will achieve good results you are so clever.


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