Monday, March 19, 2012

time out with friends


vero was in barcelona for, among other things, the patchwork festival in sitges  and i tagged along.
you'll see all the greats in her photos because i was so dumb as to leave my camera home.
some pretty good works were exhibited among them those of carol taylor which were hands down my faves.
i wanted to go back after lunch and revisit them, but too bad the shows wrapped up at lunchtime which is 3 o'clock here.

 not being a quilter myself i  got some quilt education from vero as she was pointing the strong and weak points of some of the works. in one of the venues a gentleman was doing some knitting with a very exciting yarn and a hoard of ladies were hovering around shamelessly slipping back into 12 year old mode. the mode at its most gracious included taking endless photos posing using him  as a prop ( the prop) and  at its worst uncontrollable giggling. i was overcomed by a feeling of pity and spanish shame ( shame on behalf of others) and as i speak english
i decided to  approached the table fielding the mass to liberate him for at least a couple of seconds.

kaffee falset
kaffee fasset patchwork

 i had some questions about the yarn which he graciously answered talking for a while about knitting yarns. i asked the naughty question about machine knitting and we chatted briefly about that. i walked away feeling virtuous and informed. when i reached the girls( my girls) vero pointed out the gentleman was the kaffe fassett guy.  DUH! the venue was showing kaffee falsett patchwork quilts so i could have inferred it. such is life for the ignoranti!

after that we then left vero's daughter, amandine, parked with a book and an aperò and went on to try to do our share to help the economy at the vendor's hall. i again left feeling very virtuous because of my modest purchases.
the day was a blend of glorious early spring weather, good food, lots of visual stimuli, inspiration  and great company. no one can ask for more. except perhaps  for world peace.

neki desu
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  1. Which virtual stimulus are you talking of, patchwork or beach? :-)
    I'm sure I'll end the day with the marks of the keyboard on my forehead, I must be ageing!
    Thanks again for this lovely day!

  2. Did you misspell his name to indicate you don't like his work, his fame, his influence? Have I missed the point? Hard to read between your lines.

  3. diane,
    thanks for bringing the typo to my attention. iactually love his work and colors!

  4. che risate, avrei voluto vederti a colloquio col mitico Kaffe!
    avrei voluto esserci anche io, magari la prossima volta (se mi volete)...

  5. Oh, phew, it is an unusual spelling. I enjoy his colors but I would be hard pressed to sew a quilt with all the fabrics he designs. So much pattern on pattern!
    Thanks for answering.

  6. How cool is that?!? Kaffe Fassett is so very 'real' that he surely wouldn't have taken your not-knowing as anything. I won't mention your other favorite as I've had negative vibes concerning...Whoops! I mentioned it! Anyway, don't worry about the happens all the time.

  7. onesmallstitch9:34 PM

    didn't take your camera! shocking. sounds you had an enjoyable day with a friend, nothing better than that. I don't do traditional quilting- needs too much control, trying to break that habit!

  8. That is such a great story! I've met Kaffe before and he is always gracious, even though his fans hover and gush and flutter around him. I'm sure he enjoyed actually answering a sensible question or two, Neki! (Yes, I tried to contribute a few myself when I had the opportunity.) What I don't understand is why the few men who gain a name in textiles get treated like royal celebrities but the equally-talented and well-known women do not. I'm sure there's a psychological reason for it but it beats me!

  9. Louisa,
    good point you pose. perhaps it has to do with a perception of a male "validating" a "female" activity?

  10. Ohmigod! You saw Kaffe Fassett? (Squealing like you did when we saw Arturo Pérez Reverte in the Café Comercial.)

    I have a bunch of his knitting books, though I haven't made any of his patterns because I hate intarsia and seaming. Doesn't mean I can't look, though.

    And I have to say I think he's more of a superstar because he's so original than because he's a man. It's especially unusual to see a designer of his stature excel in both knitting and quilting. Trust me, Amy Butler has plenty of fangirls.


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