Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the book and the laces

coversea and sky

olives and wheatlavender fields

now that the book is in the hands of the intended owner  here are the handwoven nettle pages .
i am really enjoying this series because among other considerations it all ties up together rather nicely.
i think it's about color, friendship and life's surprises with la belle provence as background.
if you remember this this is one of the laces in the title. i know vero does crochet and i wanted to try crocheting myself just to add a touch to her book :).

the other lace is this one.

i was getting bored with the blanket and added more texture to the weaving.who am i kidding?? i am dying to finish this number and this  texture weaves very fast! i need to start sewing my summer  clothes.

turning a page, i am very annoyed with the latest blogger idea that of redirecting your page and adding your country to your url at the end if you are publishing at blogspot. this they say is because blah,blah,blah. they believe in free speech but are redirecting blogs so that content appears selectively depending on the country viewing.
bottom line i think that  google is  covering their back and protecting their future market: china.
see their new content policies here , a good objective explanation from an independent party here
 and  problem solving  here
IQ84 ichi kyu hachi yon anyone?

neki desu
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  1. once again i want to hold this!

  2. weaving thin and airy cloth, love that

  3. onesmallstitch6:30 AM

    the nettle cloth is perfect for the book. ichi kyu hachi yon - so desu, neh! I always buy a couple English translations of Japanese classics to bring home,Haruki Murakami is on my shopping list.

  4. Il libro è, naturalmente, magnifico. Mi piace come sia diverso e al tempo stesso uguale al mio.
    Non ho ben capito questa novità di Google: dobbiamo passare a Wordpress?


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