Monday, February 06, 2012

beyond words


this stitching arrived at the end of last week and let me speechless. blandina and i were partners in the aix en provence adventure and have become good friends ever since.we often communicate and text when there are important news to share  and so we've become very  close in a short time.
i still look at the piece not really knowing what to say, the feelings it provokes being so intense. out of shyness i won't discuss the message she wrote but i can tell you it's one of the most beautiful things i have been told.
i am surrounded by beauty and pleasure.

neki desu
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  1. I think your words expressed very clearly your appreciation of Blandina's art. It is very beautiful.

  2. Cara, mi fai molto onore. La tua arte è di incitamento perché io osi provare cose nuove.

  3. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Simply breathtaking...and such perfect stitches !

  4. ...and now we know where Blandina's stitching went - to someone who will truly appreciate it. Can't wait to meet her and wish you were coming,too.

  5. It is, indeed, a gorgeous work of art, a treasure.

  6. Really beautiful. You both are great ladies.

  7. How lovely the piece from Blandina. I'm so looking forward to meeting her on our tour.

  8. It's so beautiful, I could look at it all day. A gorgeous piece from a gorgeous lady!

  9. Exquisite!! A wonderful creation from a wonderful person..I know her only through mails,but they are more than enough for me to understand what a genuine person she is.


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