Tuesday, January 24, 2012

major breakthrough

 doing the rounds

figured out how to convert a long rectangular thing into a round one with the knitting machine. o.k. go ahead and laugh, but i'm teaching myself. no prior knowledge, just one book and lots of trial and error.
sooo, long rectangular things, move over! i'm going to be doing the rounds.

moving on, husband-san is away today . i'm taking advantage of that and running a quick , yes quick, ai vat without risking my marriage ^_^.

neki desu
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  1. i suppose the ability to make stinks could be a reason for NOT having a husband?!

  2. Susan2:10 PM

    Keep us up with your "ai" vat and the results! Ganbatte ne!

  3. my EX objected the the smell of wet wool! love the knitting "in the round" can't wait to see what it leads to. happy ai-ing dyeing.

  4. For my husband-san, it's not the indigo, it's wet silk - the separate studio really helps keep him happy while I scour silk!

  5. how exciting! looking lovely!


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