Wednesday, January 25, 2012

doing the classics

 doing the classics

the quick vat was total success,) but in the middle of the enrapture i heard the keys turn!  i was not going to stop so honey, bear with me. you see why we have to move to oviedo asap? i can have my wet studio outside the living quarters,said she.
from yesterday's comments i am not alone in sensitive smell husbandry :) i am in rather good company!

some photos here. no photofun this time because the blues were gorgeous, especially the nettle page.
i had a cotton practice strip from the dark ages which was found in the bottom of the mythical drawer and put it in the vat with good results. the ombre scrim piece came out well too.
i also dyed a scarf which will be  the object of another post.

 with the one on the right i figured i could not go wrong because it was one of those disasters  which  had been lying around being shoved from one table top to another.
the background was shiboried  using procion dyes. it was then partially discharged to a blah result. clamped between boards and dipped twice in the vat the result was more than adequate.

i'm on my last 20 cms of the weaving and as soon as i finish i have  the knitting machine waiting with some silk that will go to the vat when finished.
speaking of knitting, for those of you who do hand knitting this link  will be of interest. have never seen such an assortment of novelty and ruffle yarns.

neki desu
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  1. yes, neki, you need an indigo vat that lives downwind of the husband! the geometric one on the right--paper? looks like ice. lovely stuff.

  2. beautiful, beautiful blue. shibori has the wonderful quality of surprise and a slight lack of control - it lets me be imperfect - great fun and hard work, too.

  3. I think you've got the ai god's favor, now! Beautiful blues.

  4. Blue is beautiful...lovely bandini

  5. Non vedo l'ora di imparare anche io ad usare l'indaco!


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