Monday, December 19, 2011

dyeing variables

mordant yarn

dyeing with natural dyestuff  is both irritating and fun. not to mention unpredictable.
proof is in the photo. the silk yarn on the left was from the  alum mordant batch  dyed last year using pomegranate rinds and left seeping in the liquor for some unaccounted time.
the one on the right was mordanted using liles method of alum, cream of tartar and tin all in one pot.he says is very good for yellows so i gave it a shot. the color it gave me is not ugly, but can't compare to the one i got last year.
there are so many variables to consider besides the mordant: the water, this year's crop of fruit, the time spent in the liquor , the quantities of dyestuff used.
it's a well known fact that overdyeing is a cure for disappointments.

happy monday!

neki desu
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  1. ha, yes, imagine trying to match a color.

  2. it's the unpredictability that i love. always a surprise.

  3. The skein on the left is indeed gorgeous! And yes, overdyeing will cure most ills. That skein would do well in almost any dyebath.

  4. Anonymous8:24 PM

    happy overdyeing! I have Liles' book but am concerned about his dependance on the more dangerous/environmentally unfriendly mordants. Don't think he overdyed as his "recipes" are meant to be repeated and get the same results. I love pomegranate dye, as they are expensive here I freeze just the skins until I have enough to dye with, a little iron modifier gives a olive/greeny colour.

  5. and it's all a gift.


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