Thursday, July 21, 2011

putting the pieces together


 literally and figuratively. been  slowly working through  my sorrow for the  japanese  disaster and trying to put some sense to that.
also working with plastics and stitching. plus my machine knitting-this time wire- and rust.
the squares are handmade sisal paper from when i tried papermaking. what can represent japan more than handmade paper!
on the upper right corner there's a piece of  digitally printed poly organza. the image is of the ever present electrical wires that you see all over the sky in japan. all those wires get fed by the nuclear plants. to highlight the wires and as a design element there's some stitching using black silk thread.

turning a page.
more pieces. fearing that i sound  like the empress of gloom i'd like to comment on the demise of fiberarts mag.
i've been a subscriber for over 30 of their 34 years when they still published in black and white tabloid form.
 until it was sold, the mag was rob pulleyn's labor of love. there were some hard times, i remeber. but  he  thought creatively, the subscribers responded  and  he kept going on.

reason given was that there was not enough subscription mass.... seems that how- to recipe mags and vanity visit -my- studio -and- see- how- wow- it- is  mags are more profitable. and of course selling supplies. so you have to keep those recipe mags churning. has  the publishing company been struck by foxification ?

the demise is sad news for serious weavers as it was the only magazine along with textileforum which ran  in depth informative articles and kept tally of what was going on in the field worldwide.
along with the closing of weaving programs in many college departments the weaving critical mass will be reduced pretty soon  to a few  hard core members  of  the resistance.

i was offered a subscription to quiltart mag. sounds like the  oh you are a weaver! i do needlepoint type of conversation.
interpret my silence.

  neki desu
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  1. Marcie in Australia1:33 PM

    re the demise of Fibrearts - I too was offered a sub to Quilting Arts, and I'm not a fan either, so I emailed them and asked to substitute Piecework instead, always an interesting read. They agreed to this.

  2. on the 'up' side, the computer and blogging has opened up a whole new world. For instance, I am enjoying your blog, some posts I return to for a better look
    very thoughtful and complex piece today.

  3. no substitution at all. are they kidding?
    this is great.

  4. Questo pezzo è magnifico. La tua arte è piena di significato, feeling e tecnica.

  5. Anonymous2:37 PM

    love the piece. don't love the end of the magazine, I was a subscriber too for some time. in the past few years many good things/shops have disappeared.

  6. Hi!
    I, too, will miss Fiberarts Magazine. I subscribed for years and secretly hoped that "one day" I'd see my work on its pages. It was a lofty goal. Fiberarts Magazine represented the "best" of the textile world, the most cutting edge work, and the conceptual side of this medium.

    I took the subscription to Quilting Arts Magazine ... because they are writing an article on my work ... currently. Somehow, it still doesn't feel the same. It just isn't as fulfilling as having work in the more sophisticated, academic-driven magazine.

  7. That is a beautiful work you posted for honoring Japan. Regarding FiberArt mag -- I agree with you about the "look-at-me"/supply publications that churn out every month. I would recommend joining Surface Design Assn, as they create an intellectual yet awesome publication bi-monthly.


interaction appreciated!


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