Friday, February 18, 2011

this is fashion because i say so - IV


simple dropped shoulder top. a two hour stint which i was truly grateful for after the week's paper pushing mega BS- this ain't finished folks more coming up (>x<) .
the fabric is very soft and supple. it could have taken a bit more fulling, but as ever i'm always short on width. dreaming about a wider loom and contemplating the megado .

button detail
as the saying goes god is in the details. found these vintage italian glass buttons and put them to rest until its time came. think the button works well here. notice the crafty handmade buttonhole loop(^_^)

i'm finding a lot of satisfaction in these projects as they  encompass textile design, pattern generation, weaving, sewing and sometimes dyeing. not to mention wearing a one of. god this IS couture!!!!!

 this weekend i will be celebrating the conclusion of this little number and  this is what i'm going to be doing. even al gore, hilary and bill did it.

yes!, i'm going to be doing the macarena.
and let me explain the irony :operative words corte ingles and compra(to buy)

Macarena sueña con El Corte Ingles
Que se compra los modelos mas modernos
Le gustaria vivir en Nueva York
Y ligar un novio nuevo

 everyone's entitled to a bit of tackyfun once in a while (^_^)
have fun this weekend, whether tacky or not.

 neki desu
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  1. I readily believe it is... wonderful to wear one´s own clothes - wish I could do wearables (perhaps somewhen, with a lot of patience...)

  2. Anonymous3:23 PM

    The blouse looks wonderful. It is Couture!

  3. BELLISSIMO!!!!!
    Questo sì che è stato un grande progetto, dall'inizio alla fine. A volte vedo online delle cose che magari sono belle ma non so cosa uno poi se ne possa fare quando sono finite. Invece questo mi piace moltissimo, c'è tutto: creatività, esecuzione ed infine la gioia di indossarlo. Altro che couture, questa è HAUTE COUTURE.
    Grazie anche per la macarena, l'ho ballata da sola e mi ha fatto un gran bene.
    Buona domenica

  4. The top looks very stylish - there's just enough texture to make it interesting without overpowering the clean lines of the garment. Great job!

  5. Pretty top! Well done, you. Hope you enjoy doing your shimmy in it!

    Ah, El Corte Ingles -- where the sales assistants are meaner than the ones at Macy's! Is it something they put in the water, do you think?


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