Monday, February 21, 2011

the joy of to do lists

closer sett

is when you cross out items. this baby's done. the annotation series is chugging along although it has stopped at some stations.the good thing about unplugging during weekends is that time seems to exponentially multiply once i get going.

more finished work.
this book had been languishing around being shuffled from one corner of the studio to another.
back coverfront cover


i wanted to try a simple japanese binding stitch from this book but somehow the time to do it escaped me. once i sat this weekend to stitch i shifted to turbo. the fabric is rust dyed cotton from last summer on which i printed kanjis with copper inks in two values. then i stitched with some copper wire and black silk for contrast.there are also copper shingles- for  want of a better name- weathered and rusted. the cover is abused lutradur, machine stitched, gessoed and painted with various layers of acrylics.

 i  did a bit of  test dyeing and  i was also able to transplant my clematis plants. my aim is to cross out some three or four projects so that i can get on to weaving and planning a piece for a juried show.
this morning i cleared the BS and  to gratify myself i came home walking, a good hour and a half walk.
and too bad my oven is out of commission or i had baked a cake!
 you can tell spring is coming.(^_^)

neki desu
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  1. Questo libro, è solo per bellezza? Perché lo hai fatto? Sono curiosa

  2. "Closer Sett"
    Now there's something only a weaver could appreciate!

    Love the book...


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