Friday, January 14, 2011

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having cervical problems with the well known vertigo and nausea symptoms. can't do much computer work, actually i'm scared to sit at it because as soon as i do  the room starts spinning.  waiting for the osteopath's appointment.

funnily, stitching is fine, no dizziness or discomfort when i bend the neck down. therefore, not being one who's comfortable lying around , i'm working this series on annotations weavers use to represent their world.
i'm stitching on woven fabric, gifted  mill samples, and  lutradur printed with weave structures  which are stitched  with the usual conventions such as dots, crosses, slashes etc.

i'm having fun , as long as i don't have to stand up suddenly. then the room starts swirling around.
coincidentally i came across this .
great ideas for using the vinatge embroidery charts i published this week.

have a good weekend. and those suffering from cabin fever too.

neki desu
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  1. take good care, neki, the annotations piece: very cool.

  2. Poor you!
    But lucky that you can embroider though.
    Take care!

  3. cool!
    dizzy is not good, hope you are better soon.

  4. Mi spiace sapere che stai male. Hai mai provato pilates? Io lo faccio da 4 anni e mi ha salvato la vita.
    Bello questo pezzo, meno male che puoi cucire.

  5. My condolences! I used to have to take a medication that had a similar effect - dizziness to the point of ending up on the floor, and nausea. No fun. I hope you're better soon. How nice that stitching doesn't aggravate the problem!

  6. Take care,Neki.Dizziness is not a pleasant experience at all.



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