Monday, January 17, 2011

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 silk knit

thank you all for your good wishes,  made me feel  accompanied in my predicaments. the incredible deb lacativa sent me this link with a simple exercise which cured my discomforts. i can now wait for my appointment with the osteopath without feeling miserable.amazing how such a simple, absolutely non invasive treatment can be so effective. look ma, no pills!

some stitching being done and lots of other activities that imply head down. like giving a go to the knitting machine.finished the silk bourette scarf above and i'm waiting for dyeing inspiration for a shibori dye number.
and the while waiting :) found this one that was stopped after it grunged out, meaning dropped stitches and holes.then  tried the ai vat last summer and came out less than satisfactory.

it was already so grungy that a bit more wasn't going to make a big i jumped on the bandwagon of wrapped leaves and stuff. and something always comes out of that. it's a good size sample so let's see where or how it ends.

can't stretch computer time too much or i start getting discomfort signals. off i go before signals become pain.

neki desu
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  1. The link for the neck relief doesn't work, could you please repost it? I could use some help...thanks.

  2. I am so happy it worked for you.
    Let me give credit where's it due.
    I read about this malady and the cure in one of my favorite novels, "Prodigal Summer" by Barbara Kingsolver.

  3. I've got issues with my cervicales, too -- good to have a backup plan for emergencies. (Why does my neck always start hurting on Saturday night?)

    Time to get my floor yoga practice going -- since it's now hibernation weather, it's that or nothing.

    Glad you're feeling perkier, Neki!

  4. I'm so glad you have at least a temporary resolution to the problem.

    Love that bourette scarf. And the wrapped-dye-material technique is something I've been wanting to try. You've inspired me to "just do it."

  5. So sorry to hear you have not been well Neki. I had similar symptoms with the nausea and spinning for years and in the end turned out to be Menieres disease. I find a treatment called Bowen Therapy has worked wonders for me with cervical problems.

    Get well soon

  6. please do take care of yourself, and we can wait out here in space until you can be comfortable. i like the last photo--

  7. Hope you are feeling better soon and well done on the knitting machine!

  8. Marcie11:35 AM

    Thank you so much for fixing the link - I'd never heard of this manoevre before.


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