Wednesday, December 15, 2010

talk about handmade pride

 the slumber
the quiet slumber

the trip to the cava (scroll down the link until you find cava)cellar was an educational experience.

Recaredo is a small family business which is mainly concerned in elaborating-they say it's different from producing- a high quality wine. at their organic vineyards, they hand pick the grapes and follow the rhythms of nature, yet the there's a lot of  high tech involved in the elaboration . i personally found the mix interestingly intoxicating, no pun here. their output is medium size small and it is nurtured and cherished as a firstborn child as it has been for three generations.

the cellar held quite a few remarkable things. 
the man in charge of the d├ęgorgement fell in the awe inspiring category. with a swift movement, he pulled out the cork so that the sediment would come out, sniffed the bottle to check for defects in the wine and put the bottle on the conveyor belt-all in less than10 seconds.he was trained for two years so that he could carry on this synchronized performance.i noticed that the conveyor belt that carries the bottles was going at human speed and mentioned it to our host. he said it could be programed to go faster, but there was no point in doing that, as it had to go at the workers pace. hear! hear!
the men who turn the bottles were also trained for years to carry on their task and the men working the vines have also been with the firm  for a long time.
everyone is part of the process  and feel proud of what they elaborate.
you can taste that in every bottle.

their cavas are elegant, graceful and full of dignity,that being a reflection from honest practices.i found fascinating the fact that a quality such as dignity could be sensed by  the taste buds. time is also picked up by the taste buds. the youngest wine has been aged 30 months and their longest aged 120 months. there's no  need to rush a good wine, as it will only get better with time.
moreover  there is no addition of sugar or sweet liquor so all their cavas are brut nature-no extras added ; all  the components of taste, adequate acidity  and carbonic gas are obtained by and during the elaboration process.

for someone like me who is a handmade advocate finding them has taught me that those values that i hold dear can be reproduced at a bigger scale, yet maintaining's about quality, integrity and honesty. and if you can make money with that, then happy dance!
one more thing i can say: if you happen to find a bottle of their cava grab it and treat yourself. you won't be disappointed. au contraire!

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    What a wonderful tour! How fortunate to be close to such a resource. ;) The bottle photo is beautiful.

  2. Sounds like you had a fine time - glad your cold had dissipated enough to let you enjoy the cava!

  3. quality, integrity, honesty. so important to a fine craftswoman. i agree--

  4. And now I'm thirsty! You lucky duck...


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