Monday, December 13, 2010

old rockers die hard-trust me

and kakishibu

whomever said it was spot on. thanks to all you wonderful folks for your good wishes! i must realize i'm not 20 anymore and the bod is going to take longer recouping.i had to grab a dose of patience and stay in bed. some reading got done, lots of  hot tea drinking and by day 3 i was already doing some occupational therapy work in ironic that sounds!

the photo is this weaving project which got transformed into this and now it has become the above patted with kakishibu. are you still with me?a few more steps and it will be done. i'm praying for much needed  sun.

by the weekend i was already full steam again  and  i managed to make this number.
in spite of my being sick i'm  very pleased
with how it turned out.  for the first and perhaps last time i'll include a link , click here for more info.i was also able to finish a book which will be posted sometime during this week-nothing like a good rest to get going again!

now i have to do what didn't get done during downtime :)
however, tomorrow i'm off to sant sadurni d' anoia
for a cava sampling tour. i promise to be good and report.

neki desu
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  1. Il tuo weaving project mi lascia piena di meraviglia, aspetto con curiosità di vederlo finito.
    Anche il bracciale è notevole, sei una donna piena di inventiva!

  2. So sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. The bugs that are out there this year seem to be extremely virulent. I hope you gain a full recovery soon. My confrontation with one lasted well over three weeks and I am hoping to avoid them the rest of this winter!


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