Thursday, November 18, 2010

same although totally different

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read velma's post this morning. yesterday  there was a buzz in the artfire forums regarding the newest practice. it seems that unscrupulous producers, especially from china nick people's photos, take them to sweat shops and get the items reproduced. no wonder design has gotten better in chinese shops!

item two is shoddier and cruddier. say ms.a sees an item in an online shop. she nicks the photo and goes to an artisan and asks for a repro or maybe more than one at a price cut.

it's all about money, folks.

how to know if someone's fooling around with your photos . not very much, but at least you know who's using your photos and where copies come from.

visual pun anyone?

neki desu
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  1. The violation of intimacy gives me shivers. Even if we are on line with our blogs, photos and passions, it doesn't mean that people can steal from us. Thanks for the link, I do not have much to steal, but it is good to know.


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