Tuesday, November 16, 2010

on dyeing crafts and fiber

top colorfirst dyed skein  tram silk    beauty shot

exhaust yarn cold alumyarns

dyeing is a separate craft.traditionally goods were brought to dyers to be dyed and then returned to be either woven in case of yarns or to be worked on them.
 a different scenario for us here and now we have become jack of all trades,weavers,dyers, embellishers, stitchers. not sure if on the way we're either missing something or losing something.
what has prompt these reflections is here.
they quietly do just one thing. and the artistry level is amazing.

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Mmm, I don't know, thought provoking though. Maybe it depends what matters, the process-es (to the maker) or the end product (to whom?).

  2. love the layout of the photos here today.

  3. Che bel blog, che bei colori. Vorrei tanto visitare il Kutch.

  4. I have always been drawn to Kutch embroidery. I love the vibrancy.
    I love to dye but if I had a workshop full of bright threads and all the time in the world, I would sit and stitch till the end of time.


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