Wednesday, November 24, 2010

christmas cake extravaganza

keiki extravaganza
 still life with craisins, nutmeats and brown sugar

i'm baking today, after two days of gathering friend has invited me again to use his kitchen in what is becoming a tradition. this year we'll be joined by one of his friends. we'll have sushi  hors d oeuvres and white wine. then we shall see (^_^) hope to get the baking done without much problem after all the vino will be drinking. 
using my faithful joy of cooking recipe. yes, the one on page 683 to which i've added cranberry raisins or craisins .whole 12 pounds of cakes to be distributed among friends and some  for us. never  keep enough for us according to husband-san!

to all celebrating thanksgiving tomorrow  have a good day!drive safely please.

neki desu
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  1. Beautiful photo, I wish I could take pictures like this one. The flash is killing most of my attempts.

    I looked to my copy of the 'Joy of cooking' but on page 683 I have 'veal saltimbocca'...certainly you have baked something else?!?


interaction appreciated!


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