Friday, October 15, 2010

doing the reds now

with lemon

this is the red spectrum of murasaki. you add lemon and the blue-purple turns to red-plum. what i like is that the color ranges are dusty muted, at least in the mid values.the silk yarn has already been a week in the liquor and if i'm patient i'll let it exhaust.

also in the reds my wine tasting class is great. we sample 4 wines per class after a most interesting lecture. i've learned (DUH??) through experience that some notes you perceive are according to your personal references.last week they were talking about stable smell and i never having been to one was totally clueless. but i did find  a green coconut taste and everyone was bewildered.

i have made friends with the farmer who brings the produce to my organic supermarket. he is a very kind person and  an exact replica of old macdonald. i foresee inordinate amounts of dye yielding matter . life's good.
btw anybody knows what would give a lime green?

 have a good weekend ya'll!

neki desu
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  1. spring?!

    wonderful color, wonderful. you WILL be patient, right?

  2. anything to do with the Tale of Murasaki
    or in fact the lady who wrote the Tale of Genji?

  3. very storm cloud

  4. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Hi Neki, following your good advise, decided to become less silent on your blog :-).
    Curious to see what happens with your acid modifier on the pinks once you wash the yarn or fabric. By experience, I play with berries or cochineal and metals or acids modifiers. They give fantastic colors, then after washing, they will change if the ph of the water is different. Was wondering if this is also the case with your murasaki?
    Fab... you know who!


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