Wednesday, September 15, 2010

weaving conductive weather at last


 my weaving cold turkey symptoms are soon to be over. the studio is livable again and while the scarves are batching i am planning some fabric for a top. the colors and yarns are definitely wintry, if i work well i can have it woven and sewn for this winter. 
the yarns are 48/2 merino in charcoal and medium greys as warp and silk as weft. what i have not decided yet is whether i want a wabi  top in a somewhat lightish indigo dyed silk or with more flavor using a madder dyed silk as weft.  yes, i know sample, sample, but i'm not cally booker ;-) one of the sample queens of the weaving world.
this is going to be a top and wearing mileage is expected . the structure has to be subdued  nothing flashy and tiring yet  that does not mean boring. i have been making some dithered drafts following the liftplan connection procedures and i've come up with a couple of interesting ones. decisions,decisions, but first i have to make the  warp chains, rinse the scarves and do the second layer on them.

a big public thank you for the people♥♥♥ who answered my botan bake call.

neki desu
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  1. Oh, Neki, these colors are to dye for!!! !!!

  2. Lovely colours,I can't wait to put my hands on my loom again, in about 1 month when I will moove to my new flat and have a studio for myself.
    I am only an amateur weaving, but I am curious to know why you chose silk for the weft, I was taught it was more appropriate for the warp, being stronger.

  3. Haha! My besetting sin is not knowing when to STOP sampling and make something. Looks like you'll beat me on that one again!


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