Thursday, September 16, 2010

view from my warping board

paisely weavers union flag

the photo is crummy, but it holds so much that the crumminess goes unnoticed. this is the paisley weavers trade union flag housed  at the paisley museum in scotland.
the town of paisley is textile history in itself and its weavers were an interesting lot . i was told at the museum that they were owners of their looms, therefore they were a step up the industrial ladder as they were not slave weavers. yet their union was highly organized, strong and combative.  among its  achievements they were able to pass  a resolution establishing a board of trade which would in turn  fix minimum wages. 
these were the  same weavers who wove the shawl.

their motto was/ is simple and beautiful "weave truth with trust". it is a reminder and a source of inspiration for me. the sub text  is also worth noting: united we stand divided we fall.    
let's not forget we come from here.

neki desu
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