Monday, August 02, 2010

the beauties and the beast

waxed linen

just in time before the store closed for the month i got these waxed linen spools. guess what i'll be doing this summer?even thinking about weaving with them, but their price is something to be seriously considered.
as we are waiting for some issues to be resolved we're on stand by mode, in case the magic call comes through. meaning we're not going very far this summer. just occasional day trips to nearby places. not complaining because there's a lot to be seen and eaten in tarragona and girona .
and i'm also sparing myself of the usual studio frenzy finishing projects before going on holidays.

moving on here.the beauties are evident, but the beast behind needs some explaining. it is a machine knitted sample worked in silk bourette in a tuck stitch pattern.  dyed with dharma's mx navy and it turned out purple :(
apparently the red in the mix was fuchsia, notorious for fast striking. has your navy ever turned purple on you?
as there's nothing to lose now the next step will be overdyeing to see if  the color can get shifted.

and tell me, how do you like th is place's new look? hope i haven't gone from stark to too funky.

neki desu
Creative Commons License


  1. neki, i like the background, but i don't like the moving text/picture scroll. it's too disconcerting.

    so what about an indigo dip on the purple piece?

    and, phew, are you binding with all that waxed linen?

  2. Navy becomes purple. Oh, yeah. Happens, especially on silk. For some reason, silk likes to soak up the red component faster, then sulk instead of soaking up the blue.


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