Thursday, May 20, 2010

gork dyeing


i have a friend who is a gyno and told me this story. while doing his internship they would go doing the patient rounds.the head doctor sometimes said as they were looking at a patient "this is a gork patient". they would all hmmm and ahhh around the patient, you know how doctors treat you as if you were not in the  same room. gork stands for god only really knows  ( what he/she  has).

so this is gork dyeing. got impatient as i wasn't getting anywhere with madder and pulled out a  juice container with some frozen dye. it's gork, but at least it's coloring the scarf!

neki desu view
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  1. oh gork, i can relate to that....

  2. I like that gork meaning.... I think I'm going to be using that term a lot, LOL!!!!

  3. GORK reminds me of my high school bookkeeping class, where I (unofficially) learned of the entries entitled GOK (god only knows) and ESP (error some place), which were very handy when trying to balance income and outgo.


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