Wednesday, May 19, 2010



found this yesterday while organizing the studio getting it ready for some visits.
this is circa '96 .no big deal, but i find interesting  that it is a compendium of ideas that were  explored and developed in later works.

at that time i was working with photopaint and i'm pretty sure that version did not include layers. so with the resources i had at hand i had already started with a crude version of  the woven word. my weaving program did include overlays and i remember rotating and pasting the letters one by one and then overlaying the structure. i didn't know  about aspect ratio nor inclusive structures at that time. (thank you Alice!) nor i knew about resizing files. i just wanted to weave words.

i had also started stitching, very simple running stitch, remember feeling somewhat odd stitching on  handwoven fabric, a feeling still to be overcome. i wanted to use it as another layer of meaning, not content  with using it as a highlight. i  had already some years behind me doing shibori, and was trying to incorporate it to weaving as a product and a practice. the digital printing was a new practice that blew my mind at that time. all those images lost in time, paraphrasing  Roy Batty .

what i find most interesting is the development in time, everything that i've learned from then on without even noticing.working slowly, one day at a time, non stop. and yet there's still so much to learn ahead of me. the road is long and rich.

as a dear friend always says "sweetie, everything takes ten years"

neki desu
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  1. so nice to see all of this work of yours. wow.

  2. Anonymous1:33 AM

    i agree with your friend!

  3. yep, that woman is wise. i like seeing the work here--and your concept of weaving words just fascinates. how big are you working in these pieces?


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