Friday, April 16, 2010

re assesing, re evaluating recapitulating

s miguel de lilo

going through yet another soul searching session.
meanwhile here's a good read about magical objects.

have a good weekend.

neki desu

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  1. What an absolutely wonderful building! A miniature castle? A dollhouse? A child's playhouse? An architect's nightmare - look at all the different roof levels, and the different heights of the windows. I love it.

  2. Is that your next home in Oviedo?

  3. Anonymous10:19 PM

    well, much could be said here, but funny that the Citroen DS should be cited as a veritable cathedral. when we lived in japan my dad bought one of these cars from someone who's tour of duty was over and wasn't able to take the car back home. we tooled around japan in it and thought it to be the most luxurious thing we ever owned. it was quite lovely. a pain to repair as parts were difficult to obtain but my dad the engineer never let that stop him from doing the work himself. he'd MAKE the part if he could!
    soul searching must be in the air this week as i found myself doing some too. think i've found an answer more or less-less being the operative word...
    like jude says- good luck!

  4. It would be fun to draw that building from all angles. What a treasure. Lovely photograph, too.


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