Wednesday, April 14, 2010

linen has its peculiarities

linen runner

but at least the warp threads do not stick to each other. so far this is coming along fine.
dotsthere are 2 long (not very, just 4 threads) floats that are bothering me and i have already changed them to this.
designing graphically is my cup of tea! i find the broken twill gives a nice contrast and i look forward to weaving the lettering.

seems by this blog's  latest hits  that fewer people are interested in weaving because perhaps it is less instant. i'm telling you, it's a lot more rewarding than surface design because you can surface design on top. can you weave on top of a surface design project?

am i opening pandora's box here? :) :)

neki desu

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  1. have you asked jude this question?!

    i totally agree about weaving. each thread is woven. every. single. one.

  2. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Mmmm, these are lovely shapes and they look very subtle in the linen. And I quite agree with your assertion about the rewards of weaving! It amazes me that we have the capacity to turn thread into cloth, and we can still choose what we do with the cloth...

  3. yes, less instant.... slower cloth if i can say that. harder to keep people's attention. i think so. that is why i have started to investigate merging it with quilting. a medium ground perhaps. and hopefully a way back to slower through education. i love it here, and linen is exquisitely peculiar.

  4. Anonymous10:26 PM

    yes, you can jude! it's no surprise really though as it's not "instant" enough for most in our hurry scurry world. but that's ok.

    when Karren Brito decided to move (back?) to weaving from shibori i thought "oh, she's graduating!"

    and what are linen's exquisite peculiarities as you find them? i just love a good woven linen for unique.


interaction appreciated!


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