Monday, March 08, 2010

loss of innocence

 seems that i can't close my wishful thinking mode because i want to believe all this weirdness will have to end sooner or later. yes we're happy when our blogs'  traffic grows. and it's comforting for the ego.
but that also means spam and weired followers. people who do not really care for textiles or what you do or say. i do not understand what they gain following. perhaps an in to see if your blog can get hijacked and used as a there is money involved i can see the lack of ethics and basic decency.
i suggest you delve deeper into your google analitycs.i was shocked with the filthy terms and keywords that were used to  browse through my blog. the last days of feb and beginning of march were notorious.
as jude of spirit cloth  recently commented :
"it might be nice to know what you are being associated with."

all's not lost as there are ways to curb it. you can find more about it here

and folks this is real time snow in barcelona march 8 at 2:30pm. i can hear you snowbirds cracking up. but this is the med!!!
it's not stopping so will go out and video it. more later.

Addendum: just be very careful as there are massive hijack attacks on blogs going on.
do not install any gadgets for the time being , as some contain malware codes.
there's a writeup here form one of the regular helpers in the blogger help forums

neki desu

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  1. it used to be people you knew who deceived you. now it's people you don't. but then again the people you know who deceive you, well it turns out you don't know them anyway. so who do we know?
    i am very confused.

  2. Interesting - I noticed on my Typepad stats that someone had clicked through from some bizarre porn site. The Internet is still the Wild West.

  3. i had someone find my old blog using the google search criteria of naked little girls dancing.....apparently multiple posts put together somehow got them to my page. things like talking about my daughter, or saying wow when i say that i feel naked......added up to some sicko finding themselves at a photo of my daughter. it was very very scary for me. i really wish there were a way to share openly without inviting in everything. some sort of crazy freak protection kit.


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