Friday, March 05, 2010

all that's good and beautiful comes in stages

remember this photo? i usually just link to already published photos. however this merits a side by side.
the silk scarf here with shibori ties had been dyed with pomegranates. it was cured for a month or so .

then more ties were added reserving some parts of the pomegranate dyed layer and it was further overdyed with onion skins. good winter dye, at least over here because my greengrocers save the skins of newly picked onions for me. although there must be some kind of fever going on as Jenny Dean also posted about onion skin dyeing some weeks ago.

pleased with the nice rich rust color. will cure until the summer for a possible indigo finale.   :)

i always resize the photos to 700 pixels and upload to flickr   for convenience sake. this one is the exception as it is absolutely heavy porn. delight yourselves with the crepe texture/structure of the silk scarf, i left it at  a 2592 res.

ps. is anyone else getting comments from weird blogs or is it just me?

have a great weekend!

neki desu

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  1. this is anticipation. i don't know if i could wait. but, on the other hand, how cool it will be!

  2. Me too getting weird comments everyday!!...spammers are on the prowl.


  3. What wonderful fruits!

    And yes, it seems to be Springtime in Spamland too.

  4. Must be that you're just special!

    That scarf is beautiful - I can't wait to see it after the indigo dip.

  5. oh what a tease. and indigo and rust, you are killing me.

  6. Yes, I've got comment moderation back on at the moment because of spammers although it just seems to be two culprits at the moment.One travel company and one japanese? dodgy site


interaction appreciated!


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