Monday, February 15, 2010

my one and only incursion


Overshot is considered true handweaver's realm. i heard this from one of the gurus who maintained that  it was  too complicated  to be cost effective for the industry. Hence it was ignored . Please correct if you have any knowledge on this subject  and the affirmation sounds way out in the left field.
As i get bored by repetitive tasks i've always had great admiration  and respect for production weavers who weave kilometers of the same fabric.
i had never woven overshot before, but had little interest in weaving kilometers and sampling is not a favorite  with me. The compromise was a what if flexible warp with variation possibilities including a field day in warp paining.
i had just come back from Lisbon where i was fascinated by its colors. It struck me as strange that two countries sharing the same land space would have such a different attitude towards color. Coming from the tropics i couldn't help but feel right at home with their attitude. On second thoughts this attitude may have historical-as ever- reasons. After all they kept their colonies in the tropics until very recently.
i was imbued by  their color  feeling  and on my return home  i went wild .Color again!

The warp was a double warp that allowed for 2 layers in different structures.The background was an overshot from Davison's green book and the figures were woven in a 2/2 twill not actually pick up, but not selvedge to selvedge either.Or perhaps it was pick up done in an unorthodox way.

The project  ended as a short series and it was peacefully nestled at the bottom of the drawer, neither finished nor incomplete. Perhaps now that i'm stitching a bit i could embellish the  weavings  with some stitching and complete the project. Or they could just  quietly slip back to the bottom of the drawer. In any case there are some more  small weavings  that will get posted along the coming weeks.

BTW is anyone else having fits with the new blogger  posting and editing features ?
Is this a new trend of fixing what it is not broken to aggravate people?

neki desu

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  1. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Could it have been taquete?

  2. in school we had to do overshot. many decided to enlarge one repeat to make a bold statement. i chose mary ann ostrander. well, the tunic was quite ugly, the weaving pretty miserable, and i hated it. i like your take on overshot, especially the first (left) piece. i like how your shapes in the first piece grow right out of the overshot field. nifty shadowing/layering going on.

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  4. The free brocading on top of loom-controlled pattern is very appealing.


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