Tuesday, February 16, 2010

dyeing in the rain


More custom dyeing. This is silk and nothing compares to silk. The color variation on the skein is because it is not completely dry.There's no way it will dry, at least in the near future because it has been raining again non stop since Sunday. And this is frugal Europe where dryers are not common place, at least in the South.
i'm doing onion skins  now and dyeing and mordanting a la Japanese.They mordant two or three times with rests periods in between. Then they dye the same way. Perhaps it is my japanophilia that affects my appreciation, but their colors have depth and a shine that comes from within.
The skein will go through two more mordant-dye stages.

Remember this ?Well, tried to give some spunk to the plain brunette
over dyed
 and overdyed it in onion which gave some lovely highlights.
Too bad  the photo does not show as the light is hopeless with the rainy weather.

i'm also working on silk scarves and thinking about closing etsy and opening somewhere els with scarves and fabrics.
Still need  to mull over it .

 neki desu

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  1. mulling is good, look how nicely it affects wine.


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