Tuesday, February 02, 2010

the chesire cat


book of holy patience and endurance- pges1-2

getting there but not quite. in my ongoing quest of using my woven samples and integrating practices i have been working on the book of holy patience and endurance.
the fabric is a linen huck weave sample( why does windows doesn't like the word huck?), emphasis on the weave as there is huck embroidery too. i made some table runners as gifts and then found out the receivers were afraid to use them as such and were using them as scarves!
book of holy patience and endurance -detail

i tried to echo the small holes stamping blue paint . 
the holes are also used as "support" 
for parts of the cross stitch.

pages two and three  with a detail. not too sure about the white buttons.                           

book of holy patience  and endurance p3-4
book of holy patience and endurance-detail

"chesire puss would you  tell me please which way i ought  to go from here?
 that happens a good deal where you want to get to. then it doesn't matter which way you go.
-so long as i get somewhere.
oh you're sure to do that if you only walk long enough"

neki desu

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  1. oh huck! yes....:-)
    always loved this weave. i think it is great how you are using these woven samples....

  2. when i look at my samples, well they are so bookish it is weird. i agree about the buttons, but i do like what else is happening here. i love the blue/white hint of black thing. a text?


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