Monday, February 01, 2010

caution everyone!!


It seems that something's going on in blogger land. This morning as i was reading one of my blog subscriptions i came across this.
Paranoid me went to her dashboard and could not sign in beceause Blogger had detected suspicious activity ie. spam coming from my blog. Apparently there is a new wave of hijacked blogs that are being used as  splogs .
Pretty freaky when you see the yellow warning and  are denied access to your blog.
i could neither  sign in to my Google account. Luckily i was given the option there to change passwords and it seemed to solve the issue  as you are reading this.
Furthering prophylactic measures i have enabled comment moderation.

Life happens in the most unexpected ways.
Please protect yourselves by changing your settings and  password and scan your computer for trojans.
For further information you can go to the Blogger help forum .

 neki desu

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  1. splogs, oh my, what next. splitching?


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