Friday, December 11, 2009

pomegranates-act 1


Here is the silk skein after two days in the soup.This one was mordanted in alum, no heat, for two days, taken out and left it to drip the excess water.Then it was plunged in the soup and left in peace.Since it won't be used immediately i'm leaving it to cure without rinsing until its due time comes.Unbelievable taxi cab yellow oi? No ps here so excuse the dark cast on the background.
Now i have some shibori in the soup and this one will take longer.

Have a fab weekend!

neki desu

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  1. you tuned me on to pomegranate, love it.

  2. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Since i am practicaly computer illiterate except for your blog and my e-mail. I can't follow your directions-my e-mail is isasanford@verizon,net. I think the pomegranate color is gorgeous. Please, do you give instructions as to measurements etc. i would greatley appreciate it. Also, I get such a kick from your blog; I wish I knew of it when i was in Barcelona.On that same trip NW of the city,there is a museum attached to a gorgeous church and in the museum is 9th c. ikat and it's Spanish.Best wishes, Isa Vogel

  3. lovely, spun gold.
    why no washing?

  4. Isa
    there's something wrong w your e mail other than the coma (which i fixed)bcse yahoo doe not accept it.
    tried sending the instructions and i've had no luck. can you check it and re send to my e mail address?


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