Tuesday, December 15, 2009

in between acts

Making new friends, saying good bye to old ones. It's bitter cold here by our standards. Can't even think of going outside to check the dyes, so i'm patiently winding on the warp inside.
Luckily i had taken out this one at the weekend before the cold front hit.First stage in a pomegranate dyed shibori.
i have been told that yellow dyes are fugitive.So is life. Enjoy the fleeting moment. Carpe diem.
For textile buffs and stitchers check this and also this

neki desu

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  1. oh yes fugitive is relative. i love the links and that little tie that binds, even if it is temporary.

  2. love the little stitched amulets.
    looking forward to seeing more of the weaving...
    still curious about the pom dyeing- are they still fermenting or have you strained and saved the liquor?

  3. I think this yellow isn't fugitive. The last time I dyed with pomegranate hulls, I got a rich gold that lasted very well. The shibori should be beautiful!

  4. you can guarantee fine color with "persuasion", i think. all depends on what you want.


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