Friday, October 09, 2009

working from the back

number1 misty

Loom break. Don't want to push myself too hard as i'm wearing an elastic wrist band . Yet here i am at the computer during my loom break. Like someone who doesn't drink coffee because of the caffeine, but drinks 3 cokes a day.

The photo on the left is the original weaving. i found it very" hefty" for my current mood and in one of those- which one do you think the front or the back?- dilemmas i chose the back as it makes a subtler more interesting background for embellishing.

There's a glistening stream going from the bottom right to the top center left. -Does that make sense?- It's a shimmery chiffon scarf that i found and have been merrily cutting up and using wherever i can. The lovely merino is from RosyPink and whatever i say will not do justice to their wonderful fibers.
i wanted a misty feeling over the water lily pond and the embellisher took care of that . Actually it's like a floating fog ,more mauve and less pink, but natural light is not cooperating today and i didn't want to overspend myself with ps because i'm working on another accordion book.

Perhaps the work needs a bit more of cohesion.Will have to sleep on that. As i commented the other day at a blog , we need a workshop that teaches when to stop and when to keep working on a piece. Seriously!
Have a great weekend.

neki desu

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  1. oh there is no way to know but if you give it a while you will probably start and finish many times!
    it is hard to get the effect of the shimmer in the photo.
    i like the idea of combining weaving and embellishing.


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