Monday, October 12, 2009

in the books

book spread
Spent a great deal of the weekend working on this accordion book.The fabric was an UFO to which i added beads and 2 new to me stitches that i learned from here.
The stitches are right up my alley, simple, but with lots of possible variations.

Contrary to common belief i resist spelling things out for people as i see it as being a mixture of arrogance and dis respectfulness. Detailed explanations of the meanings of what i make bother and irritate me at the same time. We all have imagination and as a work leaves the hand of the maker it is the viewer who finishes it.There is no right or wrong interpretation.
That said the accordion book needed a design element that would hint the viewer how to unfold it.
After some thinking i came up with an acceptable solution. page1 A wire knitted tab.

Here are all the pages of the accordion. More details here.

i also went crazy cooking Mexican food over the weekend, enchiladas, chicken tacos and chili con carne which i suspect it to be Tex-Mex. Perhaps my way of saluting October 12th ,Hispanic day here, among other celebrations. Ahh the scent of chopped cilantro!!

Not only of surface design a family lives :)

neki desu

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  1. is there anything better than the fragrance of cilantro? well. unless its basil. oh your cooking sound so goooood

  2. Lovely book! What is the scale? It feels like about six inches tall, but it's hard to tell. It would be fun to see a little video of the pages turning, to experience it with the added dimension of time. Are you doing more books?

  3. i love this more than you can know. i like the idea of a book as a path, leading somewhere. somewhere intended perhaps?

  4. As with so much of your work, I find it pleasingly intriguing. I like it a lot. And thanks for the link to the needlework network with the stitches. Great resource.

  5. what could be better really? books, cloth, stitching..?
    well, OK- cilantro and good food!

    fondly remembering the cloth books of my baby days...


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