Thursday, September 24, 2009

maiden voyage

 the lovely maiden landscape

Succumbed to a deal.Yesterday i went to the Elna distributor in the other side of town to get a twin needle.While there i asked for a quote to convert my -cheap- bought- for- that -purpose- sewing- machine into an embellisher.The nice attendant said that hourly rate for the technician would be steep and added that they had embellishers to go. They had bought many of them and were stuck with 10 as the craft had fell out of fashion.( go figure why) She said that the original price was 300€, but that i could have one for 80€ as they were trying to get rid of the stock.
Now i am a sucker for bargains.Therefore i ran to the ATM and you can see a photo above.
Granted it's not a top brand, but i don't really care, because basically what i'm buying is a motor.

Here's my first try on the machine's maiden voyage. It works .It's very quiet.It's smooth.
Dare i ask for more?
When husband-san got home i showed him the maiden and oversimplifying, i said it was a felt making machine.His jaw dropped in a panic attack as he asked if i was going to flood the studio with water. i replied that it was needle felt, dry felt, and he said he had just fallen in love with the new gizmo. LOL!

Now i just need a spreadsheet for establishing ratios between available time and all those techniques.

neki desu

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  1. WOW what a bargain, you couldn't leave it on the shelf at that price could you. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. That is a bargain! Well done.

  3. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Ah, those poor long-suffering partners! I hope he appreciates your bargain-snagging skills.

  4. When you locate that spreadsheet, I need a copy, too! Great shopping find! You'll have fun with it, I'm sure.

  5. you have an embellisher. oh wow.

  6. what a bargain!!have fun and I look forward to seeing the results :-)

  7. Great buy! Have fun!


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