Monday, September 28, 2009

the book of revelations

cover p-1
An accordion book. The first one.i discovered all kinds of possibilities using the accordion structure, that's why its called the book of revelations.And as the actual book of revelations it sets the canon.
Lots of stitching and stamping happening here.

p3 p4
There's a snippet of a ribbon i bought in Oviedo and some tulle too.
p3-4 whole book
There's also image transfer on some pages.The fabric was painted with a fluo pigment and stamped using Pebeo textile paints.It was then starched and ironed to help it hold the creases and shape.i really like the immediacy of accordion books, i save my patience for the weavings :)
Now i have to learn how to attach accordions to book covers.
As ever go here for detailed views.

neki desu

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  1. long cloth folded! i did an illustration in this format once. it is so fun.....

  2. MY colors, Neki! Terrific!

  3. Anonymous5:40 PM

    i would like to try my hand at making one of these soon. it combines so many things i like in one small project. perhaps if i get my work done i can reward myself with the time to do it!

  4. These are revelations indeed. Didn't know you were doing books! Hooray!
    For some reason I'm not able to add your blog to my Google blog reader. It won't let me. Do you know if anyone else has had this problem?


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