Thursday, August 20, 2009

seriously considering relocation

After a more than wonderful 10 days stay in Asturias. They have everything up there. Beautiful scenery, lovely cool weather, to die for food( gained some kilos) great cider and cider bars, farm fresh produce, daily caught fish. Oh and 200 kinds of cheese. Notice i haven't mentioned meat which is free range(this sounds kind of weird, but you get it) and so are chickens.They have a vibrant cultural life. And they even have a prince.

The pace is sedate, people are soft spoken and you can eat off the sidewalks so clean it is. And the prices are very reasonable.
Now that i can live anywhere because of the Internet i'm beginning to wonder if it pays off to live in the middle of stress, noise and high prices.

If you want to see what i saw go here and enjoy,there's something for everyone :)

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  1. Big cities are fine; both Barcelona and San Francisco are beautiful places with a rich cultural life, but the small town environment is way more relaxing. We moved to a small town (population 27,000) after 40-odd years in the San Francisco Bay area, and I couldn't be happier. Go for it! (Loved the pictures...)

  2. Lovely pictures!
    No wonder you liked it.

  3. this shot was one i knew i would find here after flickr.....maybe i'll go too. sounds perfect...

  4. What a wonderful collection of travel photos. You've certainly nailed the wall (so to speak). There's enough material here to keep one busy for years. And such rich color!

  5. our move to somewhere we could love to be was one of the best things we've ever done. And we have free range meat too! Asturias sounds wonderful. I smiled because it sounds as if the chickens have a vibrant cultural life too :-). Love the photo.


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