Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the romance of mends


Lots and lots of photos to work on and upload. Lots of things experienced. Lots of messages in 2 overflowing mailboxes. But i wanted touch bases and share these photos as they will interest my stitching friends. These are mends on handkerchief linen. Neither that kind of linen nor that craftsmanship in mending exist anymore. No wonder she didn't have the heart to dispose of it t even though it was threadbare.The linen is a pillow case found at the bottom of the linen drawer at my mother in law's.
Seems that as we gained in comforts and available things we became poorer.

Photos here

neki desu

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  1. I've done mending like that. It's an enjoyable challenge to make a mend as little noticeable as possible.

  2. Welcome home! Hope you had a good holiday. Isn't old linen wonderful?

  3. I missed you! Welcome back! I love the mended handkerchief linen - i have a very elderly damask table cloth with mends like that (not, I might add, done by me) - incredibly beautiful in its own way. We live in a disposable society now.


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