Tuesday, July 21, 2009

pattern vs. texture


Perhaps because i'm a weaver i have problems with texture and textured surfaces. Not visual, but actual texture. Pattern comes so much more natural to me, texture is more self conscious.Many years avoiding it because i think it's the easy way to be effective in weaving have taken it's toll. Color, no problem, even blindfolded, but texture...
i'm slowly working at it and it's uphill.
Which one are you a pattern person or a texture person?

neki desu

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  1. Oh, yeah, pattern for sure!

  2. both. sometime texture creates pattern.

  3. That's interesting. I'm a weaver and am totally drawn to texture over pattern. Ironically I spend my days desiging pattern for carpets but lately the trend is to bring a lot of layers of texture into patterns and this marries the two. I long for days of less pattern more texture!

  4. When I weave, structure and colour are what it is all about - therefore I confess to being a pattern person - I have avoided textured yarns forever.
    This piece is great!

  5. I'm definately a texture person - if it's got nothing to touch or feel, I'm not so interested...having said that, I can't live without colour either - but if you make me choose, I'd say texture!


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