Monday, July 20, 2009



Some background first.Husband-san was trained to have an opinion. Being an architect our household is not here's- the- money -honey- now- you -go- buy- the- sofa- you- want- type of household. Most of the times we agree from the start, if we don't a long negotiation process opens.

Yesterday i was in the studio and he came in to ask me something.He stopped and picked a piece of material and asked "what do you use this for?"i started my didactic spiel and he cut in. "We use it in construction, non woven materials".UH?

i had read that Lutradur was used in construction, but never paid much attention to the fact as it is somewhat removed from my sphere, or so i thought. When i said it was a new product he giggled and told me it had been around for around 30+ years.
Here was i all this time feeling product deprived and he has had scads of it at the construction sites, in 3 or4 different thicknesses and black too!i got the spiel on the ways it is used !!

i want some. NO, I NEED SOME.
A world of abundance has just spread in front of my eyes.Let's see if i can materialise some of it :)
There's a moral to the story.Check out construction sites, they are product outlets.

neki desu

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  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    never used that stuff but wondered about it. i often wander the aisles of the local home depot here sizing up various construction materials and their potential (mis)uses in the studio. when i ask a sales clerk for help with something and during the conversation they innocently ask " what are you using it for?", i lie simply to spare them the confusion and me the time to explain the unexplainable. often- i don't know WHAT the heck i'm gonna do with it exactly-but i have IDEAS!

  2. Lucky you Neki! I don't use it often but have it ready when time allows.

  3. you need to get yourself invited to a few construction sites and see what else they have that you could use!


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