Friday, July 24, 2009

hip hip for decon printing!

blue and green

This is my kind of screen printing.Absolutely.i enjoy taking so many liberties.The process is open to the serendipituous and because there's no right or wrong, we're free from dogma and printing talibans :)
The fabric will be conbobulated further , perhaps most of the white areas will get a light blue wash and a unifying element.
Just waiting for the sirocco to go away so that i can work in the patio.40┬║ yesterday :(

neki desu

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  1. yes. freedom. ahhhh....

  2. 40C? That's about the same as the temp here all summer - around 104F. Thankfully my studio is well insulated :)

    The screened cloth is wonderful! Can't wait to see it's final incarnation.

  3. I've often thought my drop cloth or my splatter paper under my work is pretty cool..this is so freeing way to work, isn't it?

  4. I was at Quilting By the Lake this summer, and Kerr Grabowski was teaching the next week (sigh). I would have LOVED to stay for another week. She's a dynamo.

    Like Sandra, I am very interested in how your screened piece will incarnate.

    I am totally with you in celebrating the freedom of making art any way we please.


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